2011 - 2014 • Director of User Experience
UX, Product Management, User Testing, Research, User Outreach, Social

Teaming back up with Lars Perkins who was CEO of Picasa, I was part of a strategic team passionate about solving sharing and synching problems with digital photography in the mobile age. Relive magically brought together digital photos across devices and your computer and makes it easy to combine, share and tell the stories of your life. I lead the user experience and design implementation across all platforms: web and mobile experiences on iOS, Android and Windows 8. There were several applications that are no longer available in the app store including: Relive SyncRelive Events, and Relive StoriesRelive Gift Shop is still available in the app store and is available co-branded for Evite among other partners.

Relive Events mades private, real-time photo sharing at events easy. 
Watch the demo video for a quick overview of the product.

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