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 "There is a time in any start-up where you need to lock yourself in a room with a whiteboard, some stickies and a bunch of markers. this can be to completely re-think your company, take your idea to the next level, or to figure out a new flow. There is no person I would rather be working with in this situation than Carrie Wiley. Carrie matched my energy and passion for CustomMade while adding a layer of learned design thinking, experience, and a killer eye for details. Carrie is also a great manager, and was able to motivate a wide range of personalities. I tried for 3 years to hire Carrie, and I will be trying again in the future!"

- Mike Salguero, CEO Butcher Box (Worked with Carrie at CustomMade)


"We brought in Carrie to help with UX on a complex mobile and web SaaS product. She immediately prepared a plan for approaching many of our UX questions, and worked diligently to execute on this plan, handling everything from ideation to wireframes to user testing and feedback. She is truly an expert, and is completely dedicated to her work. Always on call and available, and always ready to put in the extra effort to create something great. Looking forward to doing a lot more with Carrie soon,"
Yaakov James Zar, Powering the on-demand economy at Dispatch


"Carrie is a designer who really digs deep to truly understand the user and how they approach an experience. All of her work stems from this and it shows. She's also a pleasure to work with: extremely responsive, thorough, and willing to go the extra mile to deliver. If Carrie tells you something will be complete by a certain date, you can count on it like clockwork--and the quality will be top-notch!"
- Liesel Pollvogt, VP of Marketing at Alignable (Hired Carrie to work on CareGather)


"I had the wonderful experience of working with Carrie as a designer for an investor deck for my startup company. We received great feedback on the deck, and more than one person told us how much the beautiful presentation and design made us look all the more professional and compelling."
Kamy Wicoff - Author of Wishful Thinking (Hired Carrie to design their investor deck)


"I worked with Carrie as a Co-Founder and CEO of VoteIt, a mobile and web application to help groups make decisions. Carrie brought intuitive and beautiful design along with her smart and professional approach to our product. Carrie's talent is matched by her personality and she is a complete joy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone as a first call when conceptualizing/building a product."
Taylor Beery - Principal, Beery Advisors (Hired Carrie to work on VoteIt)


"Carrie is the ideal UX leader to partner with to build great products (and therefore great companies). She's a delight to work with, as not only is she quick in groking the challenge and opportunities of complex environments that the product needs to work in, lighting fast in her iterative approach to design discovery, but is a smart and solid business partner. Carrie gets the big picture, contributes to making it bigger and better, and then is able identify the details and nuance to bring great products to life."
Lee Corkran - Director of Product Management, Store Digital, Sephora (Worked with Carrie at HP and hired her for Academy Sports)


"In 25 years in the technology business, I've never had the pleasure of working with someone so versatile and talented on so many dimensions. From web design, to project management, to business analysis and negotiation - Carrie seemed to be able to do it all. And what's more, she is blessed with a cheerful, diplomatic personality which allows her to integrate into any team and become productive quickly. But her diplomacy does not come at the expense of effectiveness; she knows how to be forceful without being perceived as arrogant or domineering."
Lars Perkins - Former CEO, Picasa, Inc. (Worked with Carrie on Idealab / Picasa and Relive)