Levis - Custom Clothing Technology Inc.

1997 - 1999 • Creative Manager
UX, Visual Design, Product Management, Print Design, User Testing

Custom Clothing Technology was a wholly owned subsidiary of Levis that pioneered mass customized clothing. Responsible for the consumer experience and strategic direction of mass customized ikhakis.com, a research and development project for Dockers after the success of the personal pair jeans. I created the user flow, look and feel for the website, box, invoice, and all e-mail communication. I worked closely with Ars Digita for back-end and in-house developers for technical integration. Extensive research into on-line consumer shopping experiences, consumer intimacy strategies, and mass customization. Initiated, designed and conducted usability studies to further the development of the web application. I also worked on a custom fit bra product for Sara Lee. 

See patents issued to Custom Clothing Technology that were integral to the technology.

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