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We have worked with many startups as well as inside incubation labs for larger companies including Levis, Idealab, HP, Microsoft and Pearson Education. Our expertise spans many verticals including: mass customization, e-commerce, streaming music, digital photography, 3D gaming, education, machine learning, social media and search, two-sided marketplaces, and elder care. 

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“Carrie and Shannon have been an invaluable resource for our company.  They were instrumental from the very beginning - translating idea to design - and have guided us through the entire process of user testing, rapidly prototyping, and getting quality feedback for our next iteration.  I would highly recommend them to any company looking to integrate design with user feedback, if your goal is to build a product that delights!”
- Eric Boutin - Founder of MyTrue

"There is a time in any start-up where you need to lock yourself in a room with a whiteboard, some stickies and a bunch of markers. This can be to completely re-think your company, take your idea to the next level, or to figure out a new flow. There is no person I would rather be working with in this situation than Carrie Wiley."
Mike Salguero - CEO of CustomMade

 "She is truly an expert, and is completely dedicated to her work. Always on call and available, and always ready to put in the extra effort to create something great."
Yaakov James Zar -  Dispatch

"Carrie gets the big picture, contributes to making it bigger and better, and then is able identify the details and nuance to bring great products to life."
Lee Corkran - Dir of Product Management, Sephora


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Carrie Wiley
@carriewiley      LinkedIn
Carrie Wiley has over 18 years of experience designing engaging and innovative consumer products. She has an MFA in Design from MassArt. 

Shannon Bator
@shandoger     LinkedIn
Shannon has over 15 years of experience leading user research for innovative new products and product improvements. She has an MS in Human Factors from Bentley.

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